Steel garage doors

steeldoor3With so many material types for garage doors, you may be unsure what type is right for you. At Precision Overhead Garage Service our team can help you select the door type that fits your needs. Many of our customers find that steel overhead garage doors are the right choice for them because they are affordable, durable, and require little maintenance. Steel garage doors can also easily improve the appearance, security, and energy of your home or office.

Benefits of Steel Overhead Garage Doors
Steel overhead doors come in hundreds of options that easily complement your home’s style and exterior. Because steel can be molded into almost any shape, garage door designs can feature:

In addition to these design choices, steel garage doors are available in a variety of pre-painted colors or can be painted to flawlessly match your home’s exterior. Windows can be incorporated to add even more style options, and steel doors can also be designed to resemble elegant swing-out carriage house doors while still operating like a traditional overhead steel door. These durable doors add tremendously to the curb appeal of a home with a front-facing garage.

Because they are constructed in several layers, steel garage doors offer the option of insulation that can reduce energy loss, saving you money on heating and cooling. Insulated doors can also soundproof your garage.

Steel garage doors are very affordable and, unlike wooden garage doors, they do not require maintenance like frequent staining or painting. The material’s superior durability means your steel garage door will not rot, split, warp, or crack, and can withstand high humidity. Steel garage doors are also an excellent option for homes in areas where there is consistent severe weather.

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