How to Fix Garage Door Cables

Full of moving parts that are often under high pressure, your garage door is more complex than you may imagine and garage door cables are an essential component of your garage door. Together with the springs, the cables control the tension and motion of the door. These cables can fray or break, leaving your garage door stuck. If you discover your garage door halfway open or hanging at an angle, you may need new cables or springs. Don’’t try to fix the problem unless you are sure that you know what you are doing. Replacing garage door cables can often be dangerous and may result in the door falling on you or something inside the garage.

Selecting the Proper Garage Door Cables

New garage door cables come in several types and homeowners must determine the proper cable for the job. There are three basic types of cables:

  • Torsion cables: attached to the bottom of the door with a loop at one end and have a crimped stop at the other end. These cables have to be secured and wound in a particular way. Your door height also determines the cable length.
  • Extension spring door cables: used for doors that have springs located at the sides of the track.
  • Safety cables: used with extension spring systems to prevent injury or damage if a spring fails. This type of cable is attached at each end of the door and is run through the center of the extension spring. In the event of a spring failure, the safety cable contains both broken ends of the spring, which could fly through the garage at high speeds. Precision Garage Door of Charleston has encountered many garage doors without safety cables installed. Operating a garage door without these cables is dangerous and could cause serious injury or damage.

After installing the cables, it is essential that both sides of the door have equal tension to ensure optimal alignment and proper operation.

Professional Assessment

If your garage door’s cables are damaged or frayed, the expert technicians at Precision Garage Door of Charleston can determine what parts need replacing and make swift and safe repairs.

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