How to Adjust a Garage Door Opener

Your garage is designed to keep your vehicles and possessions safe and can’t do its job if the door is not opening or closing properly. The door may not open all the way or bounce back open after closing. This may be the result of settings that are not correct. Adjusting multiple garage door opener settings can help keep your opener performing well.

Changing Settings

Whether mechanical or electronic, all garage door openers have some type of adjustment that determines how far the door will open and close. In order to make adjustments, you will need to refer to your owner’s manual.

Force Settings: The force settings on your garage door opener are an important safety feature. They regulate the amount of power required to open and close the door and there is an up limit and a down limit. Force settings also detect obstructions that might impede the operation of the door. If you must set these limits higher than a medium setting, there is probably a problem with your door.

To test the down limit setting, place a 2×4 on the ground beneath the bottom of the door. The door should reverse when it comes in contact with the block. Many home inspectors use this wood block method, however, Precision Garage Door of Charleston typically uses a slightly softer item to make the door more sensitive to obstructions and increase safety.

Up and Down Travel Limits:
 The optimal setting creates a proper seal at the bottom of the door. In addition, the garage door opener should be adjusted so that it opens completely and does not block the garage opening.

Professional Assessment

If you suspect that your garage door opener is not adjusted correctly, Precision Garage Door of Charleston experienced technicians can correctly assess the problem, recommend a solution, and quickly repair your garage door or garage door opener.

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A garage door is an important security feature on any home and it is essential to keep your garage door in working order. Whether your garage door opener simply needs adjustment or requires major repair, Precision Garage Door of Charleston provides complete garage door service and parts. Contact us today to learn how we can solve your garage door problems.

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