Garage Door Opener Belt Replacement

PDS 370 Belt Drive opener

Garage door opener belts help lift and lower the garage door

When the motor of the garage door opener is turned on, it rotates the belt, which in turn moves the trolley.

Belt drive garage door openers are popular, reliable, and extremely quiet, but like all working parts, they wear down over time. The good news is that a malfunctioning opener can often be repaired by replacing the belt.

When your garage door opener starts acting funny, call Precision for an inspection. We’ll examine your opener system and get your garage door working like new (or better)!


What’s a Belt Drive Opener?

There are several different types of garage door openers, but the most common are chain, screw, and belt drive openers. Belt drive garage door openers are known for their smooth and quiet operation. Because the belt is made of flexible materials, it absorbs much of the noise and vibrations generated by the motor, making it much quieter than a chain drive system.

If you use a belt drive opener and your garage is attached to your home, the noise from your garage door is probably never going to bother you.

Our PDS 370 openers use quiet, reliable belt drives to open and close your garage door.

Signs Your Opener Belt is Ready to Retire

As the opener belt ages, you’ll probably start to notice that your garage door isn’t operating as it should. Here are a few hints that it’s time to have the belt inspected.

  • Your door trembles when opening – Check your rollers and tracks first to see if there’s any debris or damaged components. Garage doors may occasionally hitch due to objects caught in the tracks, but if those parts are in good condition, your belt might need to be changed.
  • Visible stretching, breaking, or cracking – Garage door opener belts are made of heavy-duty rubber, but it eventually cracks. If you see any symptoms of wear and tear on your opener belt, call us for an inspection and replacement.
  • Suspiciously loud noises – Worn belts could begin to creak or make a lot of noise. Since belt drive openers are designed to operate quietly, unusual noises and weird sounds may indicate a problem with the belt or another component.

If your opener belt starts to break, it can cause a lot of stress on your other components and become a safety hazard. It’s best to call the pros right away when something seems “off” about your garage door.

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