How to Decorate Your Garage Door for the Holidays

The holiday season is upon on us and it is time to decorate the house, inside and out. We are sure that you know the perfect ways to decorate the house, the Christmas tree, and even where to put the lights along the house. But as the experts in all aspects of garages, we thought we’d put together a short list how different ways you can include your garage in your holiday decorating this year.

  • If you are just wanting something simple, try placing a nice big wreath or even a giant bow on your garage door and you have instantly bumped up your holiday spirit. For a bit of extra flair, you can easily string lights or a bit of garland around the garage door frame.
  • If you want a super easy decoration, then we would recommend garage magnets. That’s right, you can buy giant holiday decor magnets for your garage and just place them where you please for the quickest holiday decor ever. Whether it’s a bunch of snowflakes or a “Happy Holidays” message to the neighbors, you can find tons of different options. Or you can buy a garage door mural that you just hang on the door and can take off and roll up when the holiday season is over.
  • But if you’re in the mood to go one step further with your decorating skills, you can actually turn your garage into a giant present. It is possible to purchase thicker, weather-resistant wrapping paper or even large table cloths that look like wrapping paper, which you can tape down across the entire door to make it look like the largest present in the neighborhood. Add a bow or even a giant gift tag with a message to make it look complete.
  • So you’ve got lights, wreaths, bows, and maybe you still want something more unique. Well if you want your garage to be the talk of the town, then project your holiday spirit. That’s right, you can get an outdoor projector that lights up your garage with whatever holiday theme you want, from snowflakes to Santa Claus, or even an amazing light show that your neighbors will never forget!

We hope these tips have you in the best holiday spirit and inspire you to include the biggest door in your house in the decorating! Happy Holidays from all of us at Precision Garage Door of Charleston!

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